Rahul Gandhi Achievement

Rahul Gandhi Biography
Rahul Gandhi Biography

2004: Rahul Gandhi enters into the world of politics

After obtaining degrees in International Relations and Philosophy from the Universities of Rollins and Cambridge and working in London, it was never expected that Rahul will ever join Indian politics. But to everyone’s surprise this shy guy did choose a public platform to voice his opinion. And the rest, as they say, is history. Rahul entered Indian politics in the May 2004 when he finally decided to contest the Lok Sabha polls from the traditional family constituency of Amethi which Rajiv Gandhi had once held. At that time, this move of Rahul Gandhi has generated great surprises amongst political commentators who considered his sister Priyanka more charismatic and likely to succeed in the future. But his whopping victory with a margin of over 100,000 votes against BJP put an end to all the doubts that ever existed among people.

2007: Rahul Gandhi is being appointed as the General Secretary, IYC & NSUI

In September 2007, Rahul was appointed as the ‘General Secretary’ in charge of the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) and the National Students Union of India (NSUI). It was during this time when he pledged to reform youth politics. While doing so, he succeeded in bringing a positive change to the organization that he had always wanted. Not just that, it was under his leadership that IYC and NSUI witnessed a dramatic increase in number of members from two lakhs to twenty five lakhs. Be it his individual efforts or his breakthrough vision, finally we have a leader who believes in practicing first and preaching later.

Rahul Gandhi: The Youth Icon

No doubt,fifth-generation scion of the politically powerful Nehru–Gandhi family, 43-year-old Rahul Gandhi is the strongest youth icon in this country. His all efforts were to bring transparency in the political system by incorporating the youth brigade in politics and strategic posts have won him wide praise. He firmly believes that well educated youth of present generation can surely revolutionize the standard of Indian governance. And that’s why he consistently focused on giving younger players an equal opportunity in the elections.

2009: Rahul Gandhi and UP Elections

The results of year 2009 General Elections has proved that the legacy of the Gandhi family and its deep union with the Congress Party is not just for namesake. Other than this, other major factors behind this win was barring Congress, there was no other political party which has fielded so many young candidates in party. And without any doubt, the credit of this victory of UPA goes straight to Rahul Gandhi. He proved himself again by winning more than 20 seats in Uttar Pradesh and an overall of 204 seats in the Lok Sabha. Such an incredible results in Uttar Pradesh when it was not expected that Congress will do so well were not because of any significant or strategic caste calculations. Rahul once said in the speech, “I feel we all should be detached from the power. Only then we all can contribute to the betterment of society.” Envisaging the same thought, he motivated the youth to join politics and make way for its holistic reformation.

Rahul Gandhi is building transparency and freedom of thought

” In a democracy where,all the powers are centralization is the ruling reality of political system, Rahul Gandhi daringly experiments and challenges the prevalent statuesque. In one of the meeting with the Congress MPs, he said, “I want to empower 720 odd MPs in Parliament. There are many parties in India which is being run by one leader, two leaders, five to six leaders and 15 to 20 leaders. His priority is that he want to empower the MPs as 5,000 odd legislators in various states.”

As he is a believer of secular politics, he says, “Today the Congress  I see, does not belongs to me or to you, but it belongs to the whole country.” While Highlighting all the problems of over-centralization of power in India, brazenness of corruption in the country, women’s rights and alienated youth who are “excluded from the political class,” Rahul has always initiated every step towards covering the loopholes of our current system. At crucial decisive times, he brought the issues of massacre of Muslims in Modi ruled Gujarat, killing of Christians in Kandhamal and problems faced by the Dalit community to the forefront. It was Rahul Gandhi only, who appointed Sam Pitroda, the man behind telecommunication revolution, as a Cabinet Minister in the Prime Minister Office.

Rahul Gandhi Biography
Rahul Gandhi Biography

Rahul Gandhi: The spokesperson of the masses

In  year 2011, he was arrested by the UP police at Bhatta Parsaul village after he turned out in support of agitating farmers who were demanding more compensation for their land being acquired for a highway project. This incident showed his real courage to stand by his men and support their causes. Such connection with the grassroot level by politician is something India has rarely seen in a politician. Supporting his party, Rahul once said, “ Congress Party is my life. The people of India are my life. And I will keep on fighting for the people of India and for the congress party. I will keep on fighting with everything I have till my last breath.”

Rahul’s unshakeable belief in democracy, oneness of thought and most importantly youth oriented political style makes him one of the best leaders this country has ever seen. His overall achievements and significant contribution have not only strengthened Congress, but strategically positioned congress as a party which is committed to the real cause of its people. And this positioning is all that a nation and people of nation needs to engender trust in its political machinery.

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